Thursday, June 20, 2013

Busy Saturday

I know, I know, I'm kind of working backwards, but I wanted to post about our first day of summer break!

It started like this:
We got Wyatt and Reese new readers as "end of the school year" presents.  They were excited because they are books about Star Wars and Marley (for Wyatt) and Doc and Sofia (for Reese).  Wyatt is much more advanced with his reading skills than his little sister, so he sat down to read her book to her.  And I was blown away by 1) how well he did reading something he's never read before, and 2) all these little faces crowded up on the couch listening to their big brother read to them.  When did they get this big?

I mentioned before that Reese had another recital on Saturday.  I dropped her off at that performance and then I took the other three out on an adventure.  By adventure, I mean I took them to Target for snacks, and then we went to our favorite park.  Is it weird that one of my favorite parks is in my old neighborhood?  I don't care. This place is awesome.  There's almost never anyone else there, it's very shaded, and there's lots to do.  And it's all together, so there's no kids wandering to different sections!
Wyatt so wanted to do these when he was itty bitty, but he couldn't ever do it without help.  Now?  He's basically a pro.  (As a sidenote, I can't believe the things he remembers.  Seriously.  Citing things from when he was 2 and a half year old.  This kid is nuts!)
This little cutie is just as adorable swinging in this swing as her big sister was!
These two!  Wyatt kept trying to break away from Hudson because he really wanted to push Finley, but Hudson wasn't having it!
Yeah, this is what he wanted to spend his time doing.  He loves this little girl!
I finally told him to go play with his brother!  He decided to show Hudson how to go down the slide.
And Hudson put on his "brave face" and he did it!

After we were done at the park we went to pick Reesie up from her recital (Daddy and Mimi and Baba had been at that show, but Brian had to go right back to work), and then we rushed home to get ready for Tyler's birthday party!

The party was at a local field house, which is basically where a lot of indoor sports get played.  Needless to say, this was right up Wyatt and Hudson's alley.  Yes, even Hudson wanted to play soccer and dodgeball with the big boys!
After an hour of sports, the kids went to have birthday cake, and then the played in a little "fun zone" with slides and stuff.  They had so much fun that Wyatt has already said he may want to do that instead of the zoo next year!  After three years, I can't imagine him having his party anywhere else!
By the time we got home from the party it was time for me to make dinner and for the kids to wind down.  After a busy, nap free day every one made it to bed early!  We had a great "first day of summer break," and we're hoping for a fun summer - starting with the swim lessons we're taking this week!

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