Sunday, June 23, 2013

Swim Lessons: Week 1

So I already talked about Hudson's first week of swim lessons, and you know, what a success that was.

Anyway, Reese showed up at swim lessons ready to get her Station 3 sticker.  I think she's itching for a little bit of the independence her big brother has in the water.
 I know that she likes to work hard while she's with the instructor, but she really likes her "free play time" on the steps.  She usually throws a toy and chases after it.
 Wyatt passed Station 1 on the first day of his new Children's program, but he worked all week on getting his Station 2 sticker.  Some days he didn't push off the wall with both feet, another day he wasn't blowing his bubbles, and I don't what went wrong on the final day.  But at least he's working.
 Reese is getting good at her back floats and front floats to pass Station 3!  She was so close when she tested on Friday, but she'll have to keep working next week.
 He wasn't blowing bubbles here!  Silly kid!
 Reese loves swim lessons, and she really liked her instructor last week (that always makes things easier)!
 This little girl was so good all week!  We had a few grumps, but nothing some yogurt melts wouldn't cure.  And this is the first really good picture of her two bottom teeth! 

I'm hoping that they both make lots of good progress this summer and get more comfortable in the water.  Wyatt is already basically a little fish, but Reese could definitely use the extra lessons!  Fortunately we have a little break this week, so we need to find something else to fill up our mornings.  I think we'll start with the pool at the Y and story time at the library!

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