Monday, June 3, 2013

Nine Months Old!

I am really struggling with the fact that this little bundle of joy is nine months old.  NINE MONTHS.  She's been here as long as I carried her in my belly.  That is INSANE.

Stickers from Watch Me Grow

Finley Quinn's happenings at nine months old....
  • She is 19 pounds, 4 ounces, and she is 26 and a half inches long.  Her nine month check up was this morning!
  • Finley loves all foods, and she now uses her little pincer grasp to get puffs and yogurt melts in her mouth as fast as she can.  
  • Still breastfeeding about seven times a day.  Only six though if she actually sleeps through the night!
  • Wearing mostly twelve month clothes, and some eighteen month outfits, too.  She could fit in nine month clothes now, too, but most of her hand me down summer items came from Reese, and she was wearing twelve month clothes at nine months.  Also, while I love cloth diapers, they do nothing to help clothes fit.  
  • Waking up once (maybe twice) a night.  I am getting more sleep now than I was a month ago, but I would love to sleep consistently through the night!
  • No crawling yet, but she is scooting all over the house.  If I put her down in one place, she usually manages to squirm about five feet away in a few minutes!  And whatever she finds usually goes directly into her mouth, so I'm trying to keep these floors vacuumed and free of toys.
  • She consistently says "Dada."  She also has her typical "morning mumbles" when she wakes up.  She lays in bed and tries out new sounds every day.   Her latest sounds have been "Mama" and "Baba."  The good news is that they're both actual names, but she hasn't used them to address me or Brian's dad yet!  She also mastering smacking her lips together to get a "p" sound, blowing raspberries, and hitting the top of mouth with her tongue.
  • If you call "Finley!," she looks up.
  • She will look around if you ask her where her siblings are.  Especially Wyatt. They're BFF's.
  • She has a grand total of THREE teeth.
  • She can stand for a few seconds on her own, but she's only tried a few times!
  • Finley is sweet and quick to laugh and smile, and she has learned to go with the flow so well! It amazes me how well she behaves when her schedule changes almost every day.
I'm so excited to listen to her "babbles" turn to more words over the next month, watch her learn to crawl, and start to eat more "real" foods.  But I also still love my baby snuggles! Watching her grow is so bittersweet!  I guess I'll be planning a first birthday party before I know it (we're planning to have Reese's party two weeks early and Finley's two weeks late so we don't have two parties back to back).

And a few more pictures of her ninth month...
Sooooo close to crawling!

 Getting ready for a series against the Red Sox.

 I love this little top!  It looks adorable with her little jeggings.  And the smile melts me!

 Happy 9 months Finley Quinn!

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