Friday, June 21, 2013

Hudson's First Swim Lesson

Wyatt and Reese have been taking swim lessons for the last two summers (2012 & 2011).  This year I signed them up again, but I also enrolled Hudson. Let's just say that he needs them.  He is very nervous around the pool, and getting comfortable in and around the water is a must for the little guy!  We started Wyatt with his first lesson when he was a little older, but we figured it was better to start during the summer than to wait for winter like we did with Wyatt.

Monday was the first day of swim lessons, and Reese jumped right back into learning her front floats and back floats, which are musts to pass Station 3.
 And Wyatt was able to pass Station 1 of his new "Childrens" program.
Showing off his bobs!

And Hudson.  Oh, sweet little Hudson.
 He screamed when Brian passed him off to his instructor.  He screamed until she let him pick out a toy.  And then he was fine.

He even got the hang of pulling on the pool noodle slowly.  It's still something he needs to practice, though.
 This is his, "I can't believe you did this to me, Dad," look. I think he's got it mastered at the ripe old age of two.
 He did allow her to dunk him without throwing a fit.  Getting dunked definitely warmed him up!
 He made quick work of the bubble blowing...
 And the splashing!

He did not walk away with a Station 1 sticker that day, or any other day this week!  What I'm most excited about is that he is warming up to the water, and he's also becoming okay with leaving my side for awhile.  He's gotten used to the YMCA, and he seems excited for school in the fall, but I still worry!  I really hope that swimming lessons become fun for him.  It is nice that he isn't the only one that cries, though!

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