Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dance Recital 2013

Reese's dance recital was last weekend!  We had a fun week leading up to her performances on Friday and Saturday.  She had dress rehearsal on Tuesday, which was my first chance to see her ready to go in her super cute costume.

Of course, her costume last year was pretty adorable, too!  In this year's recital she had two performances.

She wore it like this for her "jazzy" number.
And this was her costume for her tap performance.
She and her friends did such a great job!  Last year they were super cute, but you could tell that they've gotten better this year, and that they are able to remember more of their routine.  Basically, they're like old pros now :)!
Of course, she's only four, so she spent some time looking at Ms. Jada for instructions...and reminders to "smile."  I actually told her on Friday afternoon that based on what I'd seen her do at home, I thought she knew her routine pretty well on her own, and that she only needed to look at Ms. Jada when she couldn't remember something.  I think that helped boost her confidence a bit before the Friday show!
Ready to dance "just like a rock star."
Seriously, I loved watching her dance on that stage.  She had no fear!

Here is a little snippet of her jazz perfomance.  She's in the front row, second from the right!

Reese's class taking their bow!
Flowers for the dancer!
Reesie and her proud Mommy!
And this is the patented "so over pictures" smile that Wyatt developed last week.

Reese was amazing! We were so proud of how well she did dancing, but I was so surprised that she wasn't at all phased by being on the stage.  I missed her performance on Saturday, but her Daddy gave that one rave reviews, too!

She is already asking me when her next recital is - I think she caught the stage bug!

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  1. How precious! My little girl takes too. The youngest will take this fall too. Can't wait!