Thursday, July 18, 2013

Brain Dump

We've been having a low key few weeks - lots of reading, work books, and play time - all inside!  I feel like summer has finally arrived (I may be the only one who feels that way), and it is HOT!  So while I don't have much to update about, I do have lots of things floating through my brain:)  I will be updating my Project 365 pictures and sharing how this week's swimming lessons went soon!  Here are the groundbreaking thoughts going through my mind right now.
  • I've started planning Reese's birthday party.  I can't believe that she is going to be 5 years old in a month!  She has given me specific instructions about a Sofia the First party, and she also wants to include art.  Well, Brian and I went to check out the closest pottery place, and I'm not sure it's going to work (too messy, too cluttered, not welcoming)!  I think I'll start trying to veer her towards The Little Gym again tomorrow.
  • Finley has really started making her way towards the playroom when she's on her "scoot-abouts." Over the last few days she's been discovering new toys, and her big brother isn't taking that so well. The big kids' toys are stored in their rooms and in the room over the garage, so the playroom is mostly made up of Hudson's toys and baby toys.  But he's not interested in actually sharing the baby toys. I've lost track of the number of times I've heard "No Finney!  That's MINE!," over the last week.  But they do have their moments.

  • Am I the only person who misses their weekly shows during the summer?  I am currently going through Grey's/Scandal/Parenthood withdrawal.  Fortunately for me, I just found the fourth season of Parenthood On Demand.  And I will be ugly crying through every episode.  So good!
  • Hudson is currently obsessed with our Team Baby Yankees DVD.  Obsessed.  It cracks me up because I took it out one day just so he could watch, and now he watches it over and over again. Wyatt basically watched it on repeat when he was little, and Hudson is the same way.  And just like his big brother, he is acting out everything he sees on the screen.  Sliding into the front door, running around in circles, saying things like, "Goooooo Scott Brosius."  Ha!
  • We took the big kids to see Epic yesterday.  I thought it was super cute, but Reese spent most of the movie sprawled across my lap.  She was a little afraid at different parts of the movie, which surprised me.  She wasn't at all frightened when we saw Brave, and I thought that was scarier! 
  • I debated about what to do for Wyatt's lunch this school year.  I can't believe he's going to be gone all day, every day, but I also didn't know how to pack his lunch (I mean, I know how to pack a lunch, but not what to use).  I don't really want to go through boxes of sandwich bags all the time, and I debated between Bento boxes and Planetboxes.  I finally settled on this Planetbox from Pottery Barn Kids.  
I think it easily accommodates the "lunch style" that Wyatt is used to (we do lots of fruit, veggies, small snacks, and usually a sandwich or crackers with cheese).  Plus I won't be wasting stuff everyday!  I am currently absurdly excited about the arrival of his lunch box, even though I know that I will eventually dread packing lunches every day.

6 weeks left of summer break!  How is that possible?  Pretty soon Hudson will be in preschool, Reese will be in pre-Kindergarten, and Wyatt will be starting first grade - HOW?!

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