Sunday, July 21, 2013

Project 365: Week 27 & Week 28

I catch up, and then I fall behind.  So it goes.  Here are two weeks of pictures!

Tuesday, July 2
She's stylish, right?  I think the Sofia tiara really completes the ensemble.
 Wednesday, July 3
"You'll never know the power, of the dark side."  We'll add this to the list of things Hudson does that we never would have allowed Wyatt to do at the age of two.
 Thursday, July 4
We made these hand print flags, but we didn't have quite enough space to make a complete one.  They got the gist of it, though.  I think this was the last time Reese wore a bow in her hair!
 Friday, July 5
"I play Star Wars guys, like Wy Wy."  Yeah, but Wy Wy thought Chewbacca was holding a guitar until he was 3 and a half.  Ask Hudson what that is, and he'll tell you it's a gun.
 Saturday, July 6
My parents were going on vacation for two weeks, so we went to swim, have dinner, and hang out before bed.  They were shouting "Swimming!"
 Sunday, July 7
Little sister rule #17: Any time your big brother wants to borrow your crayons, supervision is required.  He could break them, and ruin them ON PURPOSE!"
(every single thing that Wyatt does in life is to ruin Reese's day ON PURPOSE.  every thing.)
 Monday, July 8
Brian took Wyatt to register for First Grade!  So exciting!  Wyatt is going to the same school that Brian went to when he was little, so I know it was fun for Brian to get inside and "explore."  Wyatt walked in and saw the stage in the cafeteria and said, "So, are there going to be shows during lunch?"  I know his little head was thinking that it's going to be like a show at Festhaus at Busch Gardens!  This kid is in for a rude awakening!
 Tuesday, July 9
Who doesn't love Doc?  She neeeeeeeded this blanket (or boo as we call them) as soon as she saw it!
 Wednesday, July 10
This is probably one of my favorite pictures.  I love seeing my little Captain America concentrating on his workbook!
Thursday, July 11
Hudson requested an "all fruit plus carrot dinner."  I couldn't really turn that request down!
Friday, July 12
We went to the YMCA that morning so I could work out (and get a break!).  When I got to the room to pick up Wyatt and Reese, they told me that another kid had punched Wyatt in the eye!  Apparently Wyatt was playing with two other boys, and the little three year old was upset that he couldn't play with them.  I was beyond happy to hear that Wyatt just went and told on the kid.  If we had been at home or it had been his sister, the story would probably have had a different ending!  Fortunately he didn't really bruise. The Y staff even called to check on Wyatt a few days later.
 Saturday, July 13
It was a rainy morning (but it turned into a beautiful day).  All three of them cuddled up to watch Sofia.  Wyatt looks mad, but I promise he was just upset that I turned on the big light!  Ha!
Sunday, July 14
Reese ran to tell me that "Jake and Sofia are coming LIVE to a stage near us!"  I had already checked the dates for their tour, and I didn't think it was coming close, but I decided to check again.  Good thing I did!  This show was almost sold out!  We haven't told them yet, and they are going to be so excited to go!
Monday, July 15
The first day of our third week of swimming lessons!  That look on Hudson's face is pure excitement.  This little boy LOVES swimming now - I can't believe it!

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