Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ten Months Old!

10 months old!  Double digits, baby girl!
(I'm a week late posting this.  But I swear I took them on her actual 10 month birthday.  At 5PM when I realized it was the 3rd, but that doesn't really matter.  Ask me how late I am writing anything in Wyatt's baby book.  The answer is 6 years.)
 Stickers from Watch Me Grow

At 10 months, Finley Quinn is...
  • Probably 20ish pounds?  She hasn't gone for a check up since last month, and I don't think she's gotten too much bigger since her 9 month appointment.
  • She has  no use for baby food, unless I let her "feed" herself.  She is mostly eating real food.  She's still obsessed with Yogurt Melts, but she's also a fan of grapes, blueberries, tomatoes, cheese, and basically anything else I give her.  Really.  She is an eating machine!
  • She is still breastfeeding about 6 or 7 times a day.  But she's getting much more distracted when she eats. My kids always get interested in whatever is happening around them.  I don't know how people keep their babies interested in breastfeeding past a year!
  • But she also isn't interested in a sippy cup, and I've tried about 3 of those.   
  • She wears 9 month clothes up to 18 months stuff.  The bigger sizes fit better when her bum is covered with a cloth diaper , and the smaller sizes definitely need a disposable underneath. 
  • She's not sleeping through the night, and I'd really like for her to make that happen for me.  Thank goodness Brian took the early morning shift for me this morning - I got an extra hour of sleep.
  • Not officially "crawling," but she does scoot everywhere.  She gets around the house very quickly, and I am constantly chasing her (or Wyatt and Reese are)!
  • She says, "Dada," "Mama," "Spsshhh" (for splash) and lots of other sounds!  She recognizes a lot of words though - "eat" and "more" being two of her favorites.  She knows who to look at when she hears the names "Wy Wy" and "Reesie."  
  • We're working on her baby signs (I have sadly not been as good about this as I was with the first 3).  While she doesn't actually do the little more sign, she does have her "own" sign for more.  It's banging her hand on the high chair try and smiling at me!  Ha!
  • She has three teeth and another one is cutting right now.
  • She is getting better at standing on her own for little bits of time.  She hasn't pulled herself up yet, but she tries.  Her new favorite toy is the Blu-Ray player. After Hudson's destruction of our TV last summer, the kids rush over whenever she gets close!
  • Her other favorite toy is her musical table.  She stands at it and bangs!  It's fun to watch her stretch those legs!
  • She LOVES music.  She dances and jumps when she hears it.  If she's sitting (like in her car seat) she starts kicking her little legs!
  • Her personality is getting bigger and bigger every day.  She is so good at dealing with the adjustments of our daily life, and she rarely gets too upset about anything.  Her biggest issue now is that she wants to be free to move all the time, and sometimes I can't just leave her on the floor to roam!  Baby girls + big kids with Lego = a mother's nightmare!  I thought things were bad with Wyatt when I had to worry about him and Noelle's hair (black labs shed a lot, yo), but all those little tiny Lego are the bane of my existence.

I really just can't believe how quickly her first year is flying by.  She still seems like a baby, even though I know she'll be a big girl before I know it!

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A few more of my cutie this month (some aren't new).
Eating breakfast at Chick Fil A with Mommy and Daddy.  I remember these peaceful days when Wyatt and Reese were still in school.  Ha!

"Momma, wook.  I hug Finney.  I wuv her!"

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