Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jenna's 4th Annual Comment Challenge - What I Watch

Linking up with Jenna's comment challenge again today!

Today's topic is what we're watching on TV!  Oh goodness, I love a good book (when I start a good book, I usually don't put it down.  I read entire books in about 5 hours - my speed reading drives Brian crazy).   But my parents have called me "TV Guide" since I was little.  Seriously.  And bedtime is a no negotiation thing in our house - children are in bed by 7PM!  The big ones read and play Leap Pad before they fall asleep (usually by 7:45 at the latest), so we have a few hours to watch TV before we go to bed!

So, as far as reality shows go, my two favorites are Survivor and Flipping Out.

I have been a Survivor addict since I watched the Australian Outback when I was in college at JMU.  I think there's only been one season that I haven't watched, but Survivor is a staple for Brian and I.  It's always been our "at home date night."  I think Jeff Probst is the best reality host on TV, and the game is always fresh and new.  I love the way people play the game, and watching alliances build (and crumble).

And Flipping Out?  Oh my goodness, I adore Jeff Lewis.  I get him.  I think his sense of humor is hysterical, and I guess I understand his business drive, and I find his team to be hysterical.  I also feel like he's constantly waiting for someone to actually just do what he asks them to.  Which, you know, also applies to motherhood! It's always good TV. 

And I like most of the Housewives, but I now I really only watch Orange County and Jersey.  The rest I'll tune into if there's nothing else on!

When it comes to drama, these are my 5 MUST SEE shows.  I usually try to watch them live, but it's going to be tough this year when Parenthood and Scandal are on at the same time!

I became a Scandal addict last October when Brian and Wyatt went to the ALDS game in Baltimore.  I was up all night with a newborn, and I started watching the first episode on Netflix.  And I was addicted.  Liv and Fitz, "gladiators in suits" - I watched the first season in one day.  Only two episodes of the second season had aired, so I caught up On Demand.  I watched every episode live, and I could not get enough of the story line.  It is one of the best shows on TV right now!  And adding Scott Foley to the cast?  Genius!

Grey's has been one of my favorites since it started.  I started watching it when it was on after Desperate Housewives (I gave up on that after season 2).  Brian watched it with me for awhile, but he gave up a few years ago.  I think it gets a little far-fetched sometimes, but I can't give up on the show now.  I think oddly enough, I just love the original cast too much.  But don't get me started on Kepner.  That is one character I just do. not. get.

The Walking Dead is a show I started watching with Brian (usually with my eyes covered).  At first I was grossed out by the zombies, but it's such a great story about humanity, too.  I'm kind of hooked.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm one of four kids, or that I have four kids, but I love Parenthood.  I love the stories about the individual Braverman kids, and I love the way the family comes together.  I was a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan, and I thought that Sarah Braverman (aka Lauren Graham, aka Lorelei Gilmore) would be my favorite character, but she's not even close!  I thought the storyline with Kristina last year was amazing.  Scandal and Parenthood were two shows I had to watch when we were on vacation last year!

And finally, Mad Men.  I came to the show late in the game.  I heard amazing things about it, so I watched seasons 1-4 on Netflix and watched seasons 5 and 6 live.  I think this show just tells a really interesting story with really great characters.  (But I think the sixth season was average).

We also still watch Law & Order: SVU every week, and we're big fans of Shark Tank. We also really like Duck Dynasty, but sometimes the stories just seem so "set up."  We aren't huge into any comedies on TV - we watch Modern Family, but I still think the first season was the best.  If none of "our shows" are on, we're probably watching baseball, hockey, or football,  watching HGTV, or catching up on The West Wing!  I watched the entire show when it aired, but Brian is slowly getting through the entire series!  I love the Bartlet administration!  Ha!

And now after reading my list of TV shows, I really feel like I need to give my brain a work out and pick up a book!


  1. Isn't Scandal the best?! Seriously, Olivia Pope is just awesome!! We used to watch Mad Men, too, until we cancelled cable. I can't figure out how to watch it without it. My husband has been wanting to start Walking Dead, so maybe that'll be next!

  2. Stopped over from Jenna's. I agree with the early bedtime and TV dates! It's sad when there is nothing on in the summer. I feel like I miss my date nights!

  3. Scandal!! You are the first one I have seen from this link-up mention Scandal! I LOVE the show! Totally can't get enough..keeps me on the edge of my seat! Love it!

    I'm a total grey's fan too, from the beginning. I'm afraid it is going to be coming to a close soon. :( So sad when it happens. I agree with you about Kepner! Annoying!

    Love your blog! :)

  4. You are one of a ton that I've seen post about scandal. I'm going to have to try to catch some episodes.

  5. Lauren Graham was what pulled me into "Parenthood" originally because of my familiarity with her from "Gilmore Girls." My Brian didn't get it when he started watching with me last fall, but he grew to enjoy it too. Whew! Can't wait until September 26th! Before then, I'm going to get him to go back and watch from the beginning. ;)