Monday, July 1, 2013

Hudson. And the Children's Museum.

Soooooo. It's been awhile.  A whole week.  But after these pictures were taken, something tragic happened.

Hudson escaped from his crib.  And my world got flipped. upside. down.

Really.  I put him to bed every night at 7.  Then I was able to get Finley down, and tuck the other kids in by 7:30.  My life was basically a dream.  And it ended before I expected it to.

No one else switched to a toddler bed this early, and Hudson is NOT happy about it.  He was a creature of routine - his room (he didn't like having stuff out when he slept), his sleep sack, his crib, his music.  He was even upstairs and away from the rest of the family!  MAYBE we should have taken it slower - just set up the bed in his room so he could get used to it, but we didn't want him coming down the stairs in the middle of the night.  Or we could have let him keep his sleep sack.  But we went cold turkey.  New bed, a big boy blanket, and he's now sharing a room with his brother.  Let's just say nap time has been nonexistent for most of the week, everything has been a power struggle, and he hasn't been falling asleep until around 9:30.  So he's tired and adjusting to a "new environment."  And because he's not napping and he's a crazy child, my house is a a pig sty, laundry is piling up, and I am also exhausted.  It's been a laugh a minute around here, I tell you.  The poor big kids have been such troopers dealing with crankiness (from both Hudson and me), and Wyatt has adjusted so well to sharing his room.  He's even reading Hudson bed time stories at night to help him fall asleep!

On to the actual purpose of this blog post...
Brian only gets one day off a week during the summer, so we've made a habit of trying to do fun, family things when he's home.  Last Monday we decided that it had been too long since our last trip to the Children's Museum, so we went there.

Reese was a shopping sensation, and Wyatt was a pro at working the register.
Remind anyone of the crazy Target lady?  Um, yes!  The visor and sunglasses were end of the year gifts from her teachers.  She loves them!
 They have a small section for babies to get in some sensory activity.  I took Finley over so she could maneuver around.  She loved this little section!
 These kids and fire trucks.  Every time they get on this thing they ask, "Hey Mom!  Do I look like Pop Pop?"
 Doc McReesie.  Not only does she want me to build her a clinic in my backyard (to match Doc's - right down to paint colors, I kid you not), she also made me write down the things this doctor set-up has that she doesn't have in her kit.  
 They have x-rays in the doctor area, and we had to take a picture of Brian with this one.  He broke his ankle in 2002 in a jet ski accident, and he has pins, a plate, and screws in it.  It still cracks me up when I think about his phone call to me the day after it happened.  I called him and called him the day before (he was in surgery), and he never called me back.  So next morning at 7:30 he called and asked, "So, do you want to know where I am?"  Seriously, what girlfriend doesn't want to hear that?   He's lucky I took care of him for the next month - it was like Driving Miss Daisy!
 My little vet.
 FQB loved this HUGE flower!
 Hudson was obsessed with these race cars.  The other kids kept running off to do other things, but he wanted to stay right there!
 Y'all.  These are my 4 oldest kids.  No lie.
 Love this one of the four of them!

I should be getting back into a blogging routine now.  We've been having fun adventures that I need to document!

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