Saturday, July 6, 2013

Project 365: Week 23 & Week 24

So, I'm a whole MONTH behind on these, but I have been keeping up with a photo a day.  I'm just not good at blogging them! These are all from instagram, where I'm also trying to keep track of our summer by using the hash tag #bbunchsummer. In order to catch up, here is HALF off June!

Tuesday, June 4
Hudson got his own Imaginext toy.  He has been "borrowing" Wyatt's for awhile now, but he convinced his Daddy to buy him his own!
Wednesday, June 5
Finley was taking a nap, and Hudson walked out and said, "Shhhhh Momma.  Finney sleeping."  I went to double check his story and found that he snuck his Mickey Mouse in there with her! 
 Thursday, June 6
Last tee ball game for these two!  It was a little bittersweet to watch them play on the Shetland fields for the last time. They've gotten so big over the last 5 seasons!
 Friday, June 7
My friend Carolyn was in town visiting, so we went out to dinner and I left these three (and their baby sister) home with Brian.  Everyone was in their Jake and the Neverland Pirates jammies (or nightgown), so Brian sent me this.  "Matching" is huge in our house.
 Saturday, June 8
Making "doghouses" out of the playroom mats.  They even put the green mats in front of the houses so they could have "grass."  And then asked me to bring them their snack in bowls so they could eat like doggies.  I refused when they asked for water!
 Sunday, June 9
Playing "Who Shook Hook," which is probably the most annoying game ever (for me).  The whole purpose of the game is to try and get everything off the hammock without disturbing Captain Hook.  But it's very uneven, and the kids can't stack it by themselves.  So I'm constantly stacking it, which doesn't help when I send them to play games so I can do something fun - like empty the dishwasher!
 Monday, June 10
Finley's first time sitting like a big girl in the cart at Target.  As you can see, she was very excited - I think she gets her love of Target from me.
 Tuesday, June 11
Headed to dress rehearsal for Reese's recital!
 Wednesday, June 12
 Thursday, June 13
This girl loves exersaucering!
 Friday, June 14
 Saturday, June 15
Swinging at the park
 Sunday, June 16
On our way to the waterpark for Father's Day!
 Monday, June 17
First day of swim lessons.  Hudson looks thrilled, doesn't he?

Hopefully I'll be able to completely catch up over the next week!  It's amazing to me to look back at these pictures.  So much of this happened a month ago, and it seems like it was just yesterday.  This summer is flying by!

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