Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hudson's Christmas Program

Hudson's Christmas Program was so fun! This was actually only our second three year old performance - Wyatt's was cancelled because of snow when he was three.

Loved his little Santa hat.  And I can't believe he kept it on his head.  He is a notorious refuser of hats.
He also actually practiced the songs at home before the program.  When Wyatt was three (really, much closer to 4), he told me that he didn't remember the songs, they were supposed to be a surprise for us, and he wasn't going to sing them for me.  And then the program got cancelled.  So we got nothing.

Hudson was shouting "Feliz Navidad" from his bed at nap time every day.  
Kids, man. They're all so different!

I  kind of adore this picture of him.  I keep calling it his "Presidential wave."  I feel like I've seen every President give this same smile and wave while they're walking to their helicopter - maybe he's just practicing!  HEB 2048 - Ha!
After his "grand finale" we went back to his class room for a few minutes.  It's always fun for us to see him interact with his friends.  Especially when he comes home and spends his day telling us that "C is Colby, F is for Fletcher, and M is for Mason!  And H is MY letter!  H for Huddoo!"
Whew!  I'm glad I could get his Christmas Program posted before the Spring Program - Reese's will have to wait!

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