Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow Day!

Last weekend the local weather guys and gals started yapping about snow.  I don't usually mention it to the kids (because I don't want them to get excited and then let down.  Because we never get "good" snow), but I did want to prepare for it (because who wants to be stuck in the house with no bread or milk or frozen pizza?)

We left the Y after Wyatt's basketball practice on Tuesday night to find snow falling from the sky.  The kids immediately started trying to catch it, and then started making plans to play the next morning.

At 6AM we got our first request to go outside and play in the snow. The answer was no.

We finally caved around 9AM.  And then it took 45 minutes to get these three ready to play.
(Check out Wyatt's boots.  He outgrew his and had to wear mine.  Snazzy blue with lime green hearts. Ha!)
 Make that 45 minutes to get these four ready to play.
 They made snow angels.

 And snow balls.
 And this guy decided to take a snowy ride down the slide.  Because it was oh so much fun last year.

 While they played I got Finley and I dressed to outside (thank goodness for hand me downs from her big sister!).  She LOVES her biggest brother.  Just adores him.  It's so sweet how much he loves her, too!
 Unfortunately, after the picture with Wyatt, she fell.  And something earth shattering happened.  She felt the snow.  And it was cold.  Commence screaming.  

Sooo getting a picture with all four kids didn't work out too well for me.
 My teensiest one and I went back inside while everyone else played in the snow.
 And threw snow balls at my camera?

While it was fun, it did shut  the schools down for two days.  And my house was a mess.  But they made memories and had lots of fun playing outside together (although I don't think Wyatt's poor chapped cheeks have made a complete recovery).  And the bad good news is that we're forecasted to get more tomorrow.  Possibly seven to ten inches.  Yay.(!)(?)

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