Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day Randoms

Basketball, dance class, ice hockey, and art lessons, oh my.

January is an "inside month" (except for our 65 degree day once a week), but we still have a lot going on. 

Wyatt is taking ice skating lessons, and he's also playing basketball at the Y again this year (more about his basketball seasons here and here).

He has a lot of fun playing, and even though he never watches basketball on TV, he dribbles and points to his teammates to tell them where to go for him to pass them the ball.  He cracks me up.
And when he's on the bench, he still won't sit down.  He's very into the game.
The pictures are a bit blurry, there's NO natural light in the gym at the Y!
Reese is taking her usual dance class at school on Tuesdays, but she's also started the art lessons that my mom and dad gave gave her for Christmas.  She absolutely loves them.  She looks forward to Mondays so much!

Some of her masterpieces from class.  The first was made using pastels and was inspired by cave drawings, and the second was a lesson on dots (I made that "super crafty" key holder in November).
This one was inspired by an African mask.  I love that she comes home and tells me about her art and what she learned in class.  She is really interested in it, which is great because they're teaching her things that I never could!  She's just obsessed with creating.  She's been working on her Valentines for weeks!
And in case you're wondering what Hudson is up to, it's this.  People talk all the time about kids and technology, and while my kids definitely watch TV and have their little video game systems (Hudson uses Wyatt's old Mobigo and the big kids have Leap Pads), they definitely spend lots of time playing and using their imaginations (like, a lot).  Hudson currently spends most of his time at the kitchen table splitting his time between his Imaginext toys (we love, love, love them), and a combination of football/baseball/soccer/hockey guys (more toys that we love).  Seriously, hours are spent at this table playing "good guy and bad guys" and having pretend games with all those Kaskey guys!

And while I'm talking about Leap Pads, if you have one, I totally recommend Super Animal Genius.  Wyatt's been obsessed with animals since, well, birth, and he loves that game.  And he learns so much about animals and where they live, how they protect themselves, etc.  I swear he's going to grow up and become an animal rescuer.  Or a paleontologist.  And if you listen to him, a baseball player and a hockey player, too.

Brian and I have been purging things lately.  I cleaned out the kitchen drawers and cabinets last weekend, and we worked together to clean up his side of the closet (I'm usually pretty good about cleaning out my closet and dresser - I don't like having extra clothes!).  After his closet clean-out we ended up with a big basket of things to sell, four HUGE garbage of things that I took to donate, and few items of trash.  It's amazing how much cleaner our closet feels.  It's insane.  I'm hoping to get his dresser cleaned out this week!

We are off to spend the afternoon playing in our seven-ish inches of snow.  So much snow!  It's insanity!

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