Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Odds & Ends

Ah, January.  The month that can be summed up in about 6 words.  Home. Preschool.  School.  YMCA.  Target.  Ice skating rink.

It's just too cold to do anything else! So keep that in mind while you view the following photos....

She was begging me for meatballs.  And yelling.  And giving me mean looks when I was mean enough to take longer than 10 seconds to get one to her.
Hudson decided to rock Daddy's style on Saturday when we all went to the YMCA. 
The day after the massive snow storm last week, a woman from the local dairy came door to door in our neighborhood "selling" their milk.  Brian and I drink skim, and once I tasted theirs I was sold.  It was delicious, and really, it's about the same price as the milk we buy for the kids.  It is a little more expensive than the cheap stuff we buy for ourselves, but it's so, so good.  It will actually be good for my calcium intake because I rarely drink milk.
The kids wanted to make themselves into "a stack."

Definitely a cute stack, but my wiggle worms required adult supervision (and spotters).

And finally, Wyatt is taking skating lessons again this year, thanks to a Christmas present from my parents.  It was so rough to watch him learn and fall and fall and fall last year.  Really hard.  He started in the same figure skating prep class that he took last year (this kid does not like "swizzles"), and after a lesson and half they moved him to the hockey skating class.  The instructor is so good with him, and Wyatt is just excited that he's one step closer to getting a stick!  Ha!

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