Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reese's Christmas Program

Reese's Christmas Program was the day after Huddoo's, and it was also the same day as Wyatt's class Christmas party.  I felt a little rushed that morning, but she was so excited and cute that I definitely felt less anxious!

Is this her last Christmas program?  Maybe?  I'm so, so, SO torn.  I would love for her to have the same Kindergarten experience as Wyatt (seriously, I can't say enough about how phenomenal their school and Kindergarten program is - I literally tell everyone I know to send their kids there.  And I send text messages out when it's application time - after I send mine in, of course!), but she's using up her tuition budget in Pre-K this year!  HA!

She LOVES her programs.  The singing and "the moves."  Obviously, this smiles proves it.
BFF'S.  I don't even have to ask Reese who she plays with at school.  The answer is always Emma and Griffin!  They're already making "Ring Dancing" plans for high school.
Ready to eat!  She ate less than I have ever seen her eat at a program - she didn't even ask for seconds!
This was Hudson's "December smile."  Seriously.  He spent our whole Disney vacation giving us real smiles, and apparently forgot to show his teeth at Christmas!
Presents from her teachers and goody bags, oh my!
Reesie and Daddy! He had vacation time to burn at the end of the year, so he basically had the last three weeks of December off of work.  His first day back at work in January was painful for the kids. 
(Okay, and me.  Because Finley stood at the front door screaming for him all day.  Before his vacation she only wanted me.  Bummer.)
Reesie and Mommy. Brian gets the "Most Improved for Taking Pictures of Mommy with the Kids" Award for 2013,
She wanted a picture with her class elf, Carlos.  Sadly, you can only see Carlos' hands at the top of the tree in the picture.  Oops - don't tell Reesie!
That box wrapped in princess paper had a puzzle in it - that she put together every. single. day. over break!  Teachers always know the best thing to get their students - and this was a home run.  At one point I walked in her room over Christmas to find the carpet replaced by puzzles - her puzzles, Wyatt's puzzles, Hudson's puzzles.  It was insanity!

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