Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wyatt's Christmas Party

Wyatt's class Christmas party was right after Reese's.  This was my first experience being a room mom, and no lie, I had heartburn the night before this party.  I was so worried that he wasn't going to love it, his friends weren't going to have fun, and his teacher would think, "WHAT is she doing?!?"

A few other moms and I actually met with his teacher a month before this shin dig to plan it out.  The food, activities, etc.  And then we sent emails out to get volunteers for everything.  I've heard great things about Volunteer Spot, so I might try that next year (If I decide to be room mom again.  Wyatt's teacher actually likes to do a lot of the work, so it's not that difficult for me. But I'm sure there are other moms who are more Pinterest-y than me to handle this stuff!).

They were outside for recess right before the party, so we loaded their plates with pizza, grapes, and carrots while they played.  They were able to sit right down and eat (there was hand washing.  We put the hand sanitizer on the tables.).

After they ate, another mom read them a Christmas story- this was a great way to distract the kids while we cleaned up their food mess and set up for their first "craft."
Their first craft was to decorate sugar cookies.  They loved it.  Wyatt didn't take full advantage of the sprinkles we provided (thank goodness)!  Some icing and M&M's were all he needed.
They painted salt dough ornaments to bring home to mom and dad.
I also picked up this Christmas photo booth set at Target one day.  The kids loved it - and wanted to take the props home.  We uploaded the pictures to the computer in the classroom and played a slideshow after they painted their ornaments.  It really helped settle them a bit and they laughed hysterically at their pictures.
All 20 ornaments drying :).
We also filled some time with Bingo  Wyatt is just a little competitive, so he wasn't a fan of losing.  But he still had fun!

And just as a little, "How Wyatt's first grade year is going" update, here is the Accelerated Reading board in his class.  They all have an individual goal of books to read and quizzes to take by the end of the semester (I  am actually in his class every Monday helping with the tests).  His teacher has a bulletin board set up with a baseball field.  He made it to "third base" (or seventy-five percent of his goal) right before Christmas.
He was supposed to take his final three tests to get to a home run this week, but he forgot to sign up on Tuesday (boys!), and we've had snow days yesterday and today. He can take them tomorrow on the make up day to meet his goal.  He'll start all over next week - and then he gets his second report card!  Crazy!

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