Monday, May 19, 2014

Game Ball x2!

Reese had two games last week.  I missed one because Wyatt had a school musical, but she had a great game!  I'm glad I was able to be there on Wednesday though, because she got the Game Ball!
This wasn't her getting the ball...she just needed a hug from "Dada" during the game.  Yes. She still calls him Dada.
Obviously there was much excitement about her Game Ball.

Way to go, Pieces!
Wyatt got the game ball at his game on Saturday.

Two interesting facts about the game:
1.  He lost a tooth in a piece of taffy while he was in the on deck circle.  This caused quite the commotion.
2.  In the final inning of the game, he was catching and his buddy, Will, was pitching.  Brian and Will's Dad both tried to tell them that the bases were loaded and there was a force out at home.  They BOTH shouted back, "WE KNOW!"

And then it happened, the ball was hit right to Will and he threw it back to Wyatt for the force out.  They were so excited.  I don't have a picture of their reaction, but it was basically something like this.

They wanted their picture taken together after the play!

When I asked Wyatt how he and Will knew there was a force out at home, he said, "Mom, me and Will like to watch lots of games and highlights so we know how baseball works.  That's why screen time is a good thing sometimes."
And after Wyatt got the game ball, his best buddy Aden picked him up to celebrate.  It is so fun to watch these boys be friends.  They're starting to learn when they each need an arm over their shoulder after a strike out, or when they need to be left alone after a strike out, and when to celebrate each other's big plays.  Aden turned a double play and Wyatt jumped on him by the dugout.  So fun!
We have a tee ball game and a tournament game for Wyatt this week - he had a skating lesson last week and I'm hoping he's back on the ice soon!

Also, I may or may not be ready for some down time!

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