Monday, May 26, 2014

Our Weekend

Summer is (kind of) upon us.

The three big kids still have three more weeks of school, so we aren't in complete celebration mode, but I did decide to make Brian's first weekend FULL of work a little fun for them. 

We started Friday with the pool set up after school, home made pizza, and a movie night.  The pizza and movie (and popcorn with M&Ms) are both part of our usual Friday night "tradition", but the pool made things a little more fun!  Pizza night has also gotten tastier since we started making our own.  The kids love cheese, and I have really fallen in love with this honey garlic pizza.

Love my Talls!

And that one there in the middle?  His smile is adorable.  Which distracts you from the fact that he rarely naps and likes to sneak food out of the pantry.  And he also enjoys randomly changing clothes throughout the day.

I caught this one of them running and jumping in with my phone.  So awesome!  I couldn't believe that they didn't complain once about it being too cold!

They had so much fun on Friday that I set the pool back up on Saturday afternoon.  On a Target trip that morning I was looking at suits for Reese and she insisted on this one because, "it looks like art, Mama."  Not my favorite, but it's the little things that make her happy!  I can live with a swimsuit I don't love if it's a one piece.  Ha!
Just so you know, Finley was also with us this weekend - she was just napping during our pool time.  She did enjoy a popsicle with us after her nap!
On Sunday we had "real pool" time at my Mom and Dad's house.  Obviously Hudson and Finley get distracted by Cheetos.  Because who doesn't?
I mean, she definitely does.  
In other exciting news, Wyatt lost another loose tooth this weekend.  Of course, losing teeth can't just be boring with this kid - he lost it in the pool at my Mom's house.  And quickly discovered how profitable it is to lose teeth while he's there.  Now his top two middle teeth are waiting to be surrounded!

Now I'm just off to get everyone ready for school tomorrow.  There's an end to packing backpacks and lunches and signing paperwork in sight.  It just means that all four of them are home alone with me all day.  Time to start pinning stuff to keep them busy!  Ha!

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