Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More Baseball

This week's schedule looks something like this:
Monday: Baseball game
Tuesday: Tee ball game and a school musical
Wednesday: Tee ball game and baseball practice
Thursday: Soccer game
Friday: School carnival?  But it will most likely be a movie night.
Saturday: Soccer at 9, tee ball at 12, baseball at 3
Sunday: Dance pictures at 3 and baseball practice at 5

So if my slice of the internet seems, I don't know, heavily sports influenced right now, it's because my life is.  Ha!
Most days involve watching this boy swing a bat.  And washing his uniform daily.
He really enjoys playing second base.  He keeps telling me he's sure he'll make a double play soon!
I think these two could pull it off!

I bought him eye black stickers because he always wants eye black, but he also always smears it all over his face.  He asked me to write "Dodgers" on there for him.  I gave it my best shot!
I can feel the school year slowly winding down, but also see the push to get all of the final lessons in.  I am excited that he will be playing All Stars (because I really want him to get as much practice as he wants, and that's not something I'm able to help with while Brian works), but I know that even with the school year over we will have so many other things going on. Swim lessons will start before we know it!  Crazy!

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