Sunday, June 1, 2008

Waterpark Fun!

Today Shannon and I took the boys on their first trip to the waterpark! They both had a blast. Wyatt walked into the water at the kiddie pool and stood there for a bit trying to figure out what to do, and then he decided to splash. He rode the kiddie slides with me and then went for a ride in the lazy river. The park added bouncy seats last summer and those were a big hit. Wyatt's not really able to bounce because he's a little tall, but he did learn how to swing himself in it. Wyatt got to play on the pirate ship. He also got to play in the Log Roll area where he actually got to practice his "swimming" skills as well. Daddy also came by to watch us play while we went around to play on everything one more time. Wyatt had a lot of fun, but he was in his "super serious" mood today. Sometimes he just focuses on what he's doing so much that he just looks serious all the time. It's pretty funny because his Daddy was a lot like that, but sometimes I just wonder what he could possibly be so serious about. Regardless, it was a really fun day and Wyatt is exhausted!

Wyatt's first dip in
Wyatt in the bouncy chair
Wyatt and Daddy!
Wyatt riding in the lazy river (I was able to walk behind him)!
Hitting the water

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