Monday, September 7, 2009

First Birthday Party!

Yesterday was Reese's birthday party! I was super prepared (meaning the house was already cleaned), and really just needed to run and blow up balloons, clean bathrooms, decorate and vacuum the house before the party started at 2 yesterday. Until we woke up and found that we were under attack by ants.

I hate ants! They are so gross. I don't even know what they thought they were going to find. There is not a crumb anywhere in this house! While Brian took care of destroying them (at least the ants downstairs, we decided to destroy the ants our bathroom with bait to take back to their vicious colony). I ended up having to take the kids with me to blow up balloons. Fortunately, my sister came with me, so I was able to leave them in the car while I blew everything up. We also had to stop and get peppermint extract. Mixing peppermint and water and spraying it is a deterrent for ants. We sprayed everywhere yesterday, and so far we seem to be okay.

I was able to get everything done before the party, and everyone had a lot of fun. Reese slept through the first 15 minutes (no use in waking her up so we'd have a whiny baby at her party). I got her dressed in her party outfit and brought her downstairs!

Here she is saying hi to her new friend Audrey! I got her tutu at the Polka Dot Market and ordered the onesie on Etsy. Her little hair bow came from Pigtails & Crewcuts when I got Wyatt's hair cut last week.
She loves baby Audrey! And I love that tutu!
Taking a closer look!
We ordered ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery for everyone else to eat, and I picked up Reese's smash cake from Harris Teeter. They have a deal where you can get your baby's first birthday smash cake for free if you're a VIC card holder (which is what we did for Wyatt), but I forgot to sign her up, so we had to pay. Oh well!
Reese was very polite with her cake. She would only eat it with a spoon. I put it in front of her, expecting her to go to town, but she looked at me like "Where's my spoon?" Once I gave it to her, she started eating away!

And she finally started using her hands!
Reese needed a new fall wardrobe, and now she is set! She got so many cute clothes that I (almost) can't wait for it to get colder to put her in them!
We set up the slide and a few other toys out front for the kids to play on. As everyone walked out all the kids kind of congregated around the T ball set, or the slide or the wagon. Wyatt decided to pull Reesie in the wagon. I just had to supervise to make sure he didn't take her in the street!

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