Sunday, September 13, 2009

Much Anger In Him, Like His Father.

So Wyatt and Brian aren't angry at all (although Wyatt makes some pretty angry faces) but I thought a Star Wars quote was rather appropriate with these pictures of my little Padawan learner*.

Showing off his moves
Although this picture does make him look kind of angry, he was actually very excited because he found his light saber yesterday. He loves playing with this thing!

Excuse the lack of pants. We're potty training by letting him run around in big boy pants. It's made for some fun messes, but he really recognizes when he goes potty!

* I am not actually a Star Wars dork. I just know the quotes that Brian repeats. And that's it. In fact, I've only seen the original movies once, and I'm not looking forward to ever watching them again.

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  1. He is just soooo cute!!! What else can I say, I'm his Mimi.