Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I am SO SICK OF RAIN! It rained every day last week, and it's rained pretty much every day this week too. Add that to the fact the we have severely cut down on TV time, and I've had one very bored little boy!

We spent Monday afternoon coloring and working on colors. Wyatt is getting pretty good at pointing them out, but he also gets really silly. Reese thinks it is so fun to watch him color (she prefers to try to eat the crayons).
Laughing at her big brother
Coloring together!

Fortunately for us all, Brian has been home a lot this week. He's been home by nap time every day (and he's been using nap time to take naps himself!), so Wyatt and Reese have had a lot of fun playing with him. On Tuesday the boys built a fort, and Wyatt loved it. Reese loved trying to knock it down!
The boys in their fort
Reese destroying the fort
Where did the boys go?

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