Monday, September 21, 2009


Last night Brian and I were looking back at the blog from just after Wyatt's first birthday so we could see what he was doing then (not to compare, because we don't expect them to match up). Then I realized that I haven't really updated about just Reese lately!

Her new favorite thing to do is to sing her ABC's. When I say "sing them" I mean she says "ABCDE" and then stops. But she's so proud of herself, and she's working on the rest. She's also in love with books. She will grab one off the book shelf (usually Wonder Pets themed) and walk over to one of us, hand it over, then turn around and plop down on our lap! She loves to turn the pages while we read to her.

She got her first pair of big girl shoes today too! I wanted to buy her a few cute pairs from Target, but everytime I put them on her, her feet are too wide. Today we went to the mall (someone has an anniversary on Wednesday....) and stopped by Stride Rite to get her measured and to look for shoes that would fit. Let me tell you, she is in love with shoes! She got the biggest smile on her face when we walked in the store. She sat up and started reaching out for every pair! She gets so excited to try different shoes on, and then she likes to sit and stare at her feet with them on. I told Brian that I'm pretty sure she's going to grow up and design shoes. She loved every pair that she tried on but we ended up buying these.

It pained me to spend that much money on shoes, but I've done my research, and I know that the first shoes that they wear after they start walking are important. Wyatt had Stride Rites when he started walking (but his were hand me downs from his older cousin Derek), and they fit him perfectly. I know that these will be great for her, and they match pretty much everything she has for fall!

She is quite the little baseball fan, although she isn't saying "ball" yet.
Words she is saying:
Pop Pop
Nana (banana)
Here she is, completely distressed because her seventh tooth is coming in! It's another one on the bottom, but it doesn't seem to bother her. I'm hoping that she will be as easy going with teeth for the remainder as Wyatt was. It got to the point that we stopped noticing when he was getting teeth because he didn't cry or anything! Fingers crossed!

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