Thursday, September 10, 2009

He Likes to Move It, Move It!

Brian is gearing up for football season (there are multiple football pools) and he started watching the game tonight. Wyatt has already told me that his favorite team is the Dolphins and he's running around the house playing with Brian. Before all the throwing started, Wyatt did a warm up with some dancing. I'm not sure why Wyatt found this Tim McGraw song to be danceworthy - except to say that old Tim McGraw songs are about 8 million times better than new Tim McGraw songs.

Anyway, here he is showing off some of his moves.


  1. Awesome moves, did he get those from you? Too cute! Totally agree about old Tim songs as well. But if I remember correctly in the Volvo we use to pump the Deanna Carter like no other!

  2. I believe that Deana Carter was essential in the Volvo...when my ridiculous CD player would actually take a CD! Remember how it wasn't completely installed in the dash and stuck out?

  3. Yes it was ghetto but we rocked it hardcore!