Monday, November 2, 2009

Busch Gardens!

We have really been trying to get to Busch Gardens this fall, but with the house on the market and going to look at houses and everything else, we just haven't been able to. We decided to go on Halloween because the forecast said it would be warm and sunny. The sunny part was wrong, but it was definitely warm. We had a nice breeze so it wasn't too hot and we had a great day!

This is the view from one of the bridges. While it did actually look like fall, it didn't feel like it. The breeze kept the leaves moving, which resulted in Reese shouting "Leaves! Leaves!"
Wyatt wanted to show us that this is a map, and that it could tell us where to go. I'm not going to lie...he was totally singing "I'm a map, I'm a map," from Dora.
Reesie got to ride the carousel on a horse again. She had a ton of fun riding the horsie!
She loved this horse!
Wyatt wanted to ride the "dragon eggs" and he actually allowed me to ride with him. Impressive, I know. I typically get overlooked in favor of Daddy, but we had a lot of fun. We were up at the top for a few minutes (it takes forever to load this thing), and he had a lot of fun watching the roller coasters creep to the top and then drop!
....but while I was riding Reese kept shouting "Mommy! Mommy!" and looking all over the place for me!
Wyatt and Brian rode the scrambler three times in a row without getting off. I'm not sure how they do it. I would hurl after the first 2 seconds!
Waiting in line to see the Clydesdales for the last time. The park was recently purchased by a new owner and they've decided to get rid of the Clydesdales. I'm not sure what Wyatt's going to do when they aren't there anymore because he loves them!
Everybody with the horsies!
We had a lot of fun. Wyatt was making us laugh because it was like he knew his way around the park! As soon as we got to one spot he would tell us where we were going next. At one point he looked at us and said "Okay, we're going to go get pizza now!" We didn't because we weren't eating there that day, but he apparently knows our Busch Gardens routine.
He was also open this time to watching the Sesame Street show. He usually tries to avoid seeing the live show at all costs, but this time he actually wanted to watch it (as long as I was holding him). He loves the rides over there, but he tries to hide if he sees a character!
I'm really looking forward to taking them next year when they're bigger. It's always fun to watch them get to ride new rides, and next year Reese will be able to ride everything, and who knows what Wyatt will be able to do!

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  1. The picture of Wyatt looking at the map and singing "I'm the map, I'm the map" from Dora reminds me of his Daddy at Coleman's Nursery at Christmas time standing in front of the large piece of sheet music on the wall singing "Silent Night" at the top of his lungs.
    Mom (Mimi)