Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I Love Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train is a show that has been on PBS Kids for about a month now. Wyatt absolutely loves it. He has been really interested in dinosaurs for the last few months, and when this show started we knew he had to watch it. It has been so educational for him. He has learned a lot about the different types of dinosaurs and the periods that they lived, but it's also helping to reinforce his colors, teaches him about trains, he's learning about herbivores and carnivores, and it includes the message that even though everybody is different, they can still get along or be family. (Although, I'm not sure how realistic it is that a baby T-Rex lives with Pteranodons and doesn't try to eat them).

Right after Wyatt started watching we got him a new dinosaur on a trip to Target. Not being a dinosaur enthusiast myself, I was unable to classify the dinosaur and he began to call it a dinosaurus (yeah...that's a boy's imagination for you). A few days later an episode of Dinosaur Train came on where they talked about the Ankylosaurus. Well, Wyatt flipped when he saw it, and ran to his playroom to get what, apparently, is in fact an ankylosaurus. Not only did he recognize it, but then showed it to Brian and said "Look at my Ankylosaurus, Daddy."

Here he is on the day of his discovery!

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