Saturday, November 21, 2009

Home is Where Our Hearts Are

It's been a week since we stopped sleeping here, returning home from work or Target here, or calling this home,
And it's been a week since this room last had a game of baseball played, a game of tag chased, or an episode of Diego watched in it,
A week since Wyatt and Daddy (and Reesie too lately) last chased each other around the kitchen and into the family room,
A week since Wyatt last walked into this room and picked up the guitar to play, or tried to grab one of Daddy's (autographed) baseballs off the shelves,
A week since we last slept in our big cozy bed, in our room where our babies slept when they came home from the hospital in their little bassinet nuzzled in the corner on my side of the bed,
A week since I last (took an hour and) got ready for the day in our bathroom,
A week since my baby girl last slept in her crib in her beautiful green and pink room, which was blue until a little over a year ago. The most special room in the house, the one both of my babies called their own for the first year of their life,
A week since my baby boy walked in here and shouted "What happened to my room!?," when he walked into to find all of his stuff missing,
And a week since we last saw our main reason for leaving the house behind. A fantastic backyard for the young and childless became a nightmare for the (still young) parents. While not the sole reason for our decision to move, this backyard and it's lack of play area sealed the deal.
And while it was infinitely harder to leave our home, and most of our stuff that went to storage, we are all incredibly excited for what is on the horizon. We're still waiting to hear back about the home we have an offer in on, but we know that no matter what happens, we'll find the right place. And we are all together, and that is all that matters. Our home right now really is where our hearts are!

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