Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

We had a lot of fun Trick or Treating last night! We prepped Wyatt over the last few days about what he should expect (some scary costumes, but they just looked scary, the kids inside the costumes aren't), what to say ("Trick or Treat!", and "Thank You"), and about what his own costume would be. He was really excited, and thanks to a dancing ghost that my mom got him from Hallmark a few years ago, he's been walking around the house singing, "I want candy, Halloween candy!"

Brian's parents met us over at my parents' house for a pizza dinner before we went Trick or Treating. As usual, Reese ate everything in front of her (she's partial to Hawaiian pizza), and Wyatt ate nothing. I'm pretty sure he was more interested in playing with his favorite part of his costume...

This is Darlin' and Screwy from Everyone's Hero. We went and bought the bat and ball at the toy store the other night, and Brian's mom did an amazing job painting them to look just like in the movie! Wyatt absolutely loves his bat and ball, and keeps saying "This is Darlin', she's the Babe's bat."
(It's a long story, but basically in the movie a little boy named Yankee Irving has to get this bat to Babe Ruth who's playing in the Word Series in Chicago after it's been stolen by a sheisty pitcher. It's the Babe's lucky bat that he got the first year he hit 50 home runs.)
Here's Reese in her wagon. She really loved taking all the candy out of her Halloween bag!
Little Yankee Irving Trick or Treating. Right before we got to this house he took off his backpack and pulled out his bat and ball and said he needed to take a break...because he wanted to play baseball...
And this would be Reese trying to eat Halloween candy...that she's not even allowed to have because it has peanuts!
Wyatt and Daddy checking out the big spider. Brian got a comment about his Jeter jersey from just about every house we went to. Most people told him that if he was Derek Jeter, they hope he pulled out a win last night!

After Trick or Treating (we went through a court and to two other houses), we went back to my parents' house to check out Halloween episodes of Dora and Diego before we rushed home for the game. I am so happy that we went to my parents' house. It looked like our neighborhood had been invaded when we got home. The entire street was full of cars and it was jam packed! I think we've only actually done Halloween here once, before we even got engaged. I handed out candy at my parents house the first year we were married, and we've taken Wyatt there every year since. I don't know what we'll do next year at our new house, I guess we'll have to wait and see....

Wyatt has been playing with Darlin' and Screwy since last night. He's gotten up to 8 hits in a row with the bat (and this is being pitched to, he won't use the tee), and he plays over and over again. This morning he walked up to Reese and said "Hey Reese, this is Darlin', the Babe's bat. Don't touch it." He MIGHT be obsessed....

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