Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We've moved!

What a crazy weekend! A Nor'Easter hit town on Wednesday and didn't let up until Saturday, which in my opinion is not ideal moving weather. I had a pretty solid plan for moving us, and it just didn't completely work out the way I wanted, especially when we lost power on Thursday night!

We did a lot of pod packing on Tuesday and Wednesday thanks to our good friend Dave, and even though the house had basically no furniture, there was still a ton of stuff! When we finally find our new home, I know that I won't let things accumulate like we did in that house.

On Friday we packed up our rental truck and drove out to Brian's parents' house, which is where we're currently living. We set both the kids up and they seem to be adjusting pretty well. I was worried about their sleeping patterns, but they've been doing a really great job staying on nap schedules and going to bed at night. They also hung out here for most of the day on Saturday and Sunday while Brian and I tied up loose ends at the house. We were incredibly frustrated by Sunday afternoon because nothing seemed to be going right, but things are looking up. We're finally getting settled!

We closed yesterday and Brian immediately flew to Vegas for his annual trade show. Last year we were able to turn the trip into a family vacation, but this year we weren't quite as lucky! Fortunately he'll be back Thursday afternoon so he won't be gone too long. Both kids are already missing him like crazy and asking where Daddy is!

We're both really looking forward to the holiday season this year because there's so much we'll be able to do with the kids now that they're bigger, and I know that Wyatt is really starting to get it. I need to take him for a haircut today before all the pictures get taken though....

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