Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Town at Busch Gardens

Last Saturday (after the train show), we decided to go to Busch Gardens to check out their new Christmas Town setup. We obviously love to go there during the summer, so we thought we would definitely enjoy the Christmas event. We got all bundled up and off we went.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of fun. The only thing that Busch Gardens was brimming with was people. The place was packed, and it was hard to move with the stroller. It was nice to see the lights, but I didn't feel like they had gone all out in setting up the Christmas theme. Maybe it's because we've gone to Disney World the last two years and seen how they really do it, but I felt kind of let down. The entire thing took up three countries, and that left everyone walking along one pathway through the park. The lines for everything were ridiculous, and it was incredibly cold (which is obviously not Busch Gardens fault, and we were expecting it).

The few positive things to come out of the evening was a nice ride on the Clydesdales for Wyatt, and some peppermint hot chocolate for me. Really. We'll probably skip Christmas Town next year. At least we got to say good bye to the horsies one more time!

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