Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas: A Poem

After the kids went to bed on Christmas Eve, Brian and I put out our presents for the kids,
And Santa came and left his presents while we shut our eyelids.
And around 6:40 we woke up to Wyatt screaming after resting his head,
Santa had come and left presents he said,
"Mommy and Daddy, get me out of this bed!"
The kids were so excited to open their presents, they were both overjoyed,
And after twenty minutes of trying to get the packages open, they were finally able to play with their toys!
We took a little break to open our stockings, which were hanging in the dining room next to our tree!
Then Wyatt took a break to play with Buzz and Woody!
Reesie didn't like to have her picture taken so early in the morning, she doesn't like to wake up,
And later in the morning when Wyatt got his new Jeep, he liked to ride for a bit and stop to put in some leaves he'd picked up!
Being a good big brother he offered to give Reesie a ride!
But she was pretty bummed out when he left her so he could collect leaves to put inside!
"Hey Wyatt you stranded me here in the jeep! Come drive it and have fun, don't leave me here to weep!"
And the kids had some fun opening presents galore, then went to Didi and Pop Pop's and opened some more!
They got spoiled for sure, and walked away with a ton,
but boy oh boy, are they having some fun!
Merry Christmas!

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