Thursday, December 10, 2009

Picking out our Christmas Tree!

We went to pick out our Christmas tree last Friday with Dave, Steph and Natalie. It's kind of a tradition that we all go together and pick out our tree, and we all went together again this year. We always get our tree from Hunt Club Farm, but this year it was exceptionally muddy. We didn't do a whole lot of searching, we just found one close to the edge that looked good!

Brian, Wyatt and Reese picked out the tree....
And Reese and I waited with it while the boys went to find a worker who could take care of it for us...
She loves playing with the branches (and still does)....
And then she and Natalie played while the trees were tied to our cars! I believe Natalie was trying to teach Reese that just because your parents put a hat on you, it doesn't mean it has to stay there!
After we left the lot we all went to Red Robin for dinner. I've got to tell you that yes, we are obsessed with that place, and it is the BEST place to take kids to eat. My kids aren't bad at the table, but I feel awkward if they raise their voices ever so slightly at other restaurants. I love going there because it's so kid friendly. And I like their food. And so does Brian. And Wyatt and Reese are pretty much obsessed with their grilled cheese sandwiches.
In fact, we are on our way there tonight because we are going to meet up with Daddy and head to the Holiday Lights at the Beach! Easier to meet him there and go than it is for us to wait for him to drive all the way here and back!
And as a side note: the only thing we heard about the house yesterday is that it's going to be another week before we hear anything about the house. Seriously. So we're going to look at more houses (hopefully), sometime this weekend!

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