Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Comic Books

Brian has a pretty extensive collection of comic books. He's had some since he was a kid, he stumbled upon some through dumb luck, and he's also bought a lot of them over time. Before we had kids he used to go to the comic book shop most Wednesdays when new ones were released. He bought me a few a couple years ago in hopes that they would capture my interest, but they just don't really interest me.

On Sunday we were out and about running errands, both the kids were asleep in the car, and we had a coupon for a percentage off the comics. We decided to stop by the comic book store so Brian could get his "pull," which is comic book speak for the comics you read on a regular basis and want to make sure you get every week. Brian had accumulated several weeks (months probably) of comics, so having the coupon was key. Having children asleep so that I don't have to entertain them is also a necessity.

While Brian was collecting his comics, he came across one for Wyatt. Since Wyatt already loves super heroes, I know he will love to read them, but we need to start him off with little kid books. His first comic book ever is a Toy Story book, and he loves it. He hasn't put it down since we got, he reads it constantly in the car! I captured this picture of him yesterday, and he was apparently very perturbed that I interrupted his reading.

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