Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Train Show

Last Saturday we went to the same train show that we had a lot of fun at last year! Wyatt's train obsession has been taken to an entirely new level over the last year, so we knew we had to go. It was the last day of the show, and we were out doing about a million things that day, so we made sure to squeeze it in while we were out.

Wyatt and Reese both really like watching the trains and looking at the set up. It was a little different then last year, because this year's them was World War 2. There were a lot of period houses and battleships and things, but there was also a neat larger set up.

Wyatt was awestruck by all the trains, and Reese just kept saying "Choo choo chain. Choo choo chain!" She likes Wyatt's train table a lot, she just prefers to destroy it and throw everything on the floor rather than actually play with it!

I kind of felt a little sick to my stomach when I saw how much Wyatt liked this inflatable. They're cute holiday decorations, but I'm not a huge fan. They're nice at night, but during the day they look like dead Santa's and reindeer in puddles on the ground. I wish Wyatt didn't like it so much. Brian's not going to want to say no, and I have no control over the what happens outside while I'm inside decorating. I suppose that's something we'll have to discuss next Christmas when we're in our new house!

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