Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rockin' Out!

Fr Christmas Brian got me a sweet new Flip video camera. Dave got one for Stephanie a few months ago, and I thought it was awesome. Our regular camera can record videos, and our video camera is great, but I wanted something smaller that would let me record them anywhere. This thing is perfect! It's small, it records in HD, and the uploading process is SO easy. Anyway, it's helped me take more videos of the kids that I can upload, and I can upload bigger files right to YouTube.

I took this of the kids in the car the other day. As we're driving along you can here Reese shout "Target! Target!" when we pass by the store (she usually claps her hands too - because of the obsession), but more importantly, you get to see both kids rock out to a little Hanson Christmas. I know, I was skeptical at first too, because Brian owned this CD before we started dating 9 years ago. I was all like, "Are you twelve?" But he used to work at The Wall and he got to hear all kinds of CD's, and he thought it was really good. And surprisingly, it is. Especially when performed by Wyatt and Reese!

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