Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Lights at the Beach!

Last Thursday the kids and I headed out to Virginia Beach to meet Brian after work so we could go to the Holiday Lights at the Beach. A trip that was only 15 minutes last year now takes us almost an hour! We picked Brian up at the park and then stopped for a little dinner at Red Robin (of course), and then headed to the Ocean Front.

The Holiday Lights have been going on for awhile, but my earliest memory is probably of loading a bunch of my friends in my Mom's van and driving us all to look at them. I can't really remember a whole lot changing in that time, but this year there was a new display called Jurassic Beach. Since our little boy is obsessed with dinosaurs, he absolutely LOVED it. He was so into everything he saw, and basically narrated the entire thing!

Here's a few fun pictures from our night!

A mermaid
The nativity. Wyatt was sitting in the back seat asking "Where'd baby Dezus go? Where's his Mommy?" He still hasn't grasped the name "Jesus," but he is getting that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. Everytime we pass a nativity he asks about him, and one of his two favorite Christmas songs is "Away in a Manger." But he calls it the "Baby Dezus song." His other favorite song is "Merry Christmas, Baby" by Hanson. Yes, we have the Hanson Christmas CD. Don't knock it until you've listened to it.
A pirate ship.
This would be the point where Wyatt saw the T-Rex....
The aforementioned T-Rex
A dinosaur train (which prompted us to sing the theme song - probably one of the best theme songs ever).
Dinosaurs decorating a Christmas tree.
And a monster truck.

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