Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Soccer Game!

Brian took the day off yesterday to spend the day with the kids and I. We got up and got ready for the day, and since Reese was done first she decided to do a little reading while she waited.
We took Wyatt to get a (desperately needed) hair cut, went to lunch at a Chinese Buffet (where the Wyatt had Mac & Cheese and French Fries and Reese had coconut chicken, a Chinese donut, fried rice, pigs in a blanket and french fries) and then went to the toy store. The boys came home and used Wyatt's new street hockey stick to play in the court. They had a blast.

When the kids took their naps, I did too. I have to say that I am completely worn out this pregnancy. I take naps when they do, and I'm still spent by 9. I remember the second trimester being more kind to me with my previous two pregnancies. I had two such different pregnancies with Wyatt and Reese, and I feel like this one is in the middle somewhere. I am clueless as to what this baby is! Although I think we've definitely settled on a boy name!

Wyatt (and Brian) had another soccer game last night. Wyatt was en fuego. In the first 2 minutes of the game he scored not one,

Not two,
but three goals! I told Brian that our son is a ball hog, but he was on the field with two little girls at the time who just wanted to chase him! So every time he got the ball he ran down the field and kicked the ball in the goal.
He was very excited!
He takes soccer very seriously. He went on to score two more goals during his second turn on the field.
When he wasn't playing (and trying to come sit with his grandparents and I), he stood by the net and tried to "help" his team mates kick the ball in the goal.
And sometimes he just cheered them on with his coach.
At the end of the game Reese ran over to the net and started to "play" soccer as well. I feel bad because she won't be able to play for two years (until she's almost 4). She misses the cut off next year. Wyatt barely made it (it was April 11), and there are kids on his team who are actually a year old than he is. He has 2 more games this season and then he's done. I think we're going to need to check into a fall league for him though. He's going to be upset when soccer is over!

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