Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Train Stop!

On Friday morning Brian went outside to water the "garden," and saw that the train was stopped right behind our house! This is the second time that it's happened, but the first time that the kids and I have been home to see it. Brian came in immediately to get Wyatt so he could see the train completely stopped.

Wyatt had fun staring at the train and running around the backyard doing general boy stuff.Align Center
And he just stared and stared.
Then Daddy took him over! The boys walked to the train and looked at it up close. Wyatt, and Brian too admittedly, were very excited when the Conductor blew his whistle and waved at them! The boys were even standing right there when the train started back up and blared its horn as it made its way to the intersection.
When the train comes by in the morning, it usually follows with an afternoon trip back (except on the trip back it's filled to the brim with coal). That afternoon the train went by and we ran onto the deck, where Wyatt sat and waved at the Conductor. And he waved back again. Wyatt was over the moon.
I don't know what we're going to do as the neighborhood fills up and our view of the tracks gets blocked. Fortunately no one is moving in behind us anytime soon. We do have neighbors moving in next door and putting up a fence shortly, so that will get in the way a bit. Of course, we're also planning on putting up our fence soon, so I guess we'll just have to work it out!

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