Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beautiful Weekend!

We have been blessed with gorgeous weather over the last few days! Sunshine and warm weather make for perfect days! Friday was another long day for Brian, but the kids and I had a nice little day. I got my hair done in the morning and the kids went and played at my Mom's house. Wyatt apparently walked the entire way to Target and both kids came home with goodies (a baseball glove for Reese and a toy gecko and a butterfly net for Wyatt). After nap time we met Stephanie and Natalie at the Waterpark so the kids could visit their Dads and then went to the Aquarium and to dinner at Red Robin. The kids had a great day and were exhausted by the time we got home.

On Saturday (I believe our last Saturday together until September) we ran a bunch of errands in the morning. Wyatt's favorite part of the day (and by far the part Reese and I enjoyed least) was a trip to the comic book store for Free Comic Book Day. Brian picked up some free Toy Story books for both kids, and they have spent the entire weekend sitting in the backseat reading. After we came home we set up the baby pool and the water table in the backyard. The kids LOVED it.

They splashed in the pool, ran around like penguins, and used the hose and helped Brian clean the grill parts. They had a blast. The Yankees Triple A team was in town playing the Tides this weekend, so on Saturday night Brian and I went to the game. It was by far my worst experience at Harbor Park ever. The lines were atrocious, I had to wait 20 minutes for a cheeseburger, it was crazy! We didn't even get to sit down in out seats until the top of the fifth inning! It was still nice to get out and go to a ball game, and I even tried a fried twinkie for the first time, which was an interesting experience.

Sunday was a lazy day. I think Wyatt's 5:30 wake up calls finally caught up with us. I'm pretty sure that at some point all day one of us was taking a nap (okay, so I was probably the main culprit, but I'm pregnant). We finally got out of the house later in the day, and we were so glad we did! We ran errands and continued looking for the ever elusive strawberry plant to get in our garden, but couldn't find it anywhere! When we got home Brian and I both noticed that Wyatt felt really warm, and he was running a temperature around 100. Even though we had a great weekend, it definitely didn't end well.

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