Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

Today was a super day! I was able to sleep in (until 7:25!), and woke up to cards and presents (given to me by Wyatt who was very anxious to let me open gifts). The boys also went to get breakfast at McDonald's (Reese slept in until 8 - ha!).

After spending the morning hanging out and relaxing at home we went over to Brian's parents' house for lunch. The kids spent the afternoon playing ball, blowing bubbles and swinging and sliding.
Yes, Wyatt is trying to hit the bubbles like they're baseballs.

Reese practiced her lawn skills. She actually hopped on and started driving, and I think it took Brian a second to realize that it was her! She drives this thing better than Wyatt!
After spending the afternoon with Brian's parents and Allison and the kids we went to my parents' house for dinner. After we ate, the fireman costume came out. But not for Wyatt. Reese decided that she wanted to be a firefighter today. The other day we passed the Court House and a couple of fire fighter's were in their uniforms walking outside the station. Reese saw one of them and pointed and said "Pop Pop!"
Today also marked 14 weeks along with Gooey! The baby is about the size of an orange. And I am about the size of a house! Just kidding. But I am much bigger at this stage in my pregnancy than I was with Wyatt (obviously) or Reese! And I've only gained 3.5 pounds!

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