Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not So Lazy Sunday!

This week has been crazy! The park is opening next Saturday (craziness, where does the off season go?), and Brian has been at work until 7 or 7:30 every night this week. Let me tell you, that makes for an incredibly frazzled Mommy! My kids love me, but they adore their father, and they start asking where he is as soon as dinner is on the table!

One new development this week was that some part of Brian's Jeep (I have no idea what it is or how to spell it) that we replaced last summer apparently needs to be fixed now. Ugh! This Jeep is 15 years old. It's incredibly loud (at our old house I could hear Brian turning into the neighborhood), but it gets him from Point A to Point B. You know, normally. If Brian didn't work with a nice guy who likes to tinker with the Jeep, I don't know if we'd even still have it! But with the new, longer commute on two lane roads, we're both starting to get uncomfortable with his drive. So we went and looked at cars on our date night last night.
This is what Brian wants:

Cute right? 4 doors, safe enough to drive my kids around in (he has to drop Wyatt of at preschool next year and Wyatt can not ride in Brian's Jeep), and he and Wyatt could still be "Jeep Buddies."

There's just one problem. We have a bit of a car seat phobia. I'll only put my kids in the safest car seats available. So I fork out a ton of extra money for Britax Bouelvards. They fit nicely in my Rav4, with no extra room for a Graco Snugride. Or anything. We're either going to have to give up the car seats we love to attempt to fit 3 kids across the back of my car, or we have another option: a minivan.

That's right. The swagger wagon. We also went to look at Honda Odyssey's last night. I AM IN LOVE. I'm not really a mini van mom. I don't think. But I would kill for this extra space. Amazingness. We also looked at the Ford Flex, which is pretty nice, but I don't think it's as spacious.

Anyway, we don't want two car payments. We aren't entirely sure what's going to happen when Baby #3 comes in November with my work situation. It's looking more like I'm going to be getting the new car (again), and Brian will be rolling around in my sassy Rav4. He's absolutely in LOVE with this idea. He thinks my car is too girly. But, being the incredible husband and Daddy that he is, he's (kind of) willing to sacrifice his ride for me and the kids.

Today we Targeted. The Target experience is so different, it deserves its own verb. I found some maternity clothes on sale. We found cute Disney shirts for the kids to wear in Disney World. And the kids got a bubble machine. Yay. Brian spent hours in the yard (I'm waiting for him to ask me for a riding mower), and I spent hours organizing our room. We're having a yard sale next weekend. Too many clothes. And too much stuff. It will be nice to get rid of some of it. And raise money for a new car. Or two.

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