Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some Things About Things

  • Reese is so polite and it is so freaking cute. Whenever she wants anything (like a diaper change) she says "pease," and as soon as she gets what she wants she says "thank you!" It's refreshing to have a little kid that you don't have to prompt for anything. I mean, Wyatt uses his kind words, but it's more of a rushing thing. When Reese says it she's deliberate and it's precious!
  • (TMI alert, but I blog to remember things for the kids) Wyatt pooped in the potty today! I feel like I have been waiting on this forever, but I didn't want to push him too hard. He's been peeing like a champ and hasn't had an accident in a loooooong time, but getting him to actually sit down and poop has been hard. He prefers to urinate standing up, and he hates sitting down. He still leaves the house in his big boy pants, and I only put a pull up on him of he hasn't gone yet on a particular day; but I knew that today would be the day. He actually told Brian this morning that he needed to and tried, but didn't go. He continued to tell me all day. And every time he sat down he talked about the blue light saber that he's going to get when he finally goes in the potty, but didn't actually go. I finally told him this afternoon that if he didn't at least go (whether it was the potty or his pull up), that he couldn't go to the Tides game with Brian (who wants to deal with a constipated kid at a baseball game?). And lo and behold, he went in the potty. You know, after I gave him "privacy." He prefers to be alone in a room when he goes. After he went we called Brian and he said "I can go to the baseball game with you Daddy! I pooped in the potty! There's a big poop and a little poop! And now I get a blue light saber!" Seriously. These are the things on my kid's mind. (And I am not Kate Gosselin, so there is no photographic evidence).
  • Reese hears the word "Target" and runs to the door. It's adorable. And frightening.
  • This weekend is going to be nuts. Tomorrow night Brian and I are going to see Brad Paisley at the amphitheater. Saturday we have a bachelor and bachelorette party to go to. We're having dinner separately, and then we're going on a scavenger hunt. Yeah. Oh, and the park opens! Yay!
  • Wyatt is freaking hilarious right now. His new thing is to say "Hey Mommy, I think I love you so much!" And then he throws his arms around me. This usually happens after I've given him a PB&J or goldfish. But sometimes it's random. I'm not sure why he throws in the "I think."

And that's all I've got. Because I'm getting ready to watch the season finale of Grey's. And I watched the 8 minute preview last night online and it's going to be off the chain. I don't want to say too much, but in that 8 minutes, 2 of my predictions for this week happened. I was right about the shooter, and the first person to die (at least, I assume the person died. I haven't seen anything after that, but I'm not sure you can survive that). I'm like, psychic. Anyway, I have to go now so I can bawl my eyes out. Tonight would be a really good night for wine with Grey's. If I could drink and stuff.

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