Monday, October 25, 2010

General Updates

Wyatt scored 5 goals at his soccer game last week! He had his good moments and some low moments too (let's just say coming out of the game wasn't a highlight). The other team had a lot of parents running around on the field with their kids and that kind of intimidated Wyatt. The second time he went out Brian told him to run under the grown ups' arms. And he promptly scored 4 goals.

Brian and I spent the week miserably watching the Yankees lose the ALCS (Wyatt says that the "Yankees lost because they had bad pitching.") and watching Modern Family on Netflix. I watched a few episodes of the show last year and I told Brian I thought we should give it a try. And we have been laughing hysterically at every episode.

And on the Gooey front, he does in fact officially have a name! At least a first name anyway. I ordered his personalized pacifiers yesterday.

The kids spent Saturday with my Mom, and Brian and I went shopping for necessities for the baby. We also went to Babies R Us and picked out his furniture. We weren't actually planning on getting furniture for the baby, just reusing Wyatt's crib and taking a dresser from my parents, but with coupons and everything, we actually spent less on a new crib and dresser than we would have on a twin bed for Wyatt. Brian and his dad picked the crib up on Sunday. It's not actually together yet, but we just have a few things to clear out of the baby's room before we can put the crib together and start getting it all together.

I got his coming home outfit last week too, so now I can get our hospital bags packed!

I am just in love with this little outfit, and I can't wait to bring him home in it! We're pretty much set on the baby front, but we still need a new double stroller and we need to get the bedding for his room. Now that I've started doing laundry I can see that we are set on clothes, blankets, towels and pretty much diapers. I think I might get one or two more packs before he comes, but that's all. I finish up work this Friday and then have a week off work to continue my nesting and organizing before the new baby comes! 11 days!

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