Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Soccer Monday!

Wyatt's soccer game on Monday was pretty interesting. Basically, the smile photographed in this picture might have been his only smile the entire first half.

We seriously had no idea what happened that made him so moody before the game started. He just wanted to sit down next to me. He didn't want to warm up or anything, and when he went on the field he wasn't really into it (even though he scored two goals).

While we were sitting down before the second half he seemed to perk up and he got pretty excited to get in the game. When I asked what was wrong with him when he was on the field before he said, "I didn't want anyone to know who I was." Which is apparently code for, "I was trying to go out and play really badly so I could blow them away in the second half with my athletic skill and speed."

He went out on the field and scored three more goals in the second half! One other parents actually said "The game is over when Wyatt goes in!," which made me laugh. There's a little girl on the team named Nora who that could be said about as well. She is a little soccer dynamo who wears a skirt every week with her shin guards and cleats, and runs down the field faster than the boys! The parents on the other team were actually dragging kids down the field by their arms and holding them up and kind of swinging them to kick the ball (?) and she basically ran right up to those kids and got the ball and ran it back down the field. Apparently she thought that was as ridiculous as everyone watching it did.

Wyatt also wasn't really having any of that.
He is still not a very big fan of sitting on the sidelines while the other kids are playing. He actually did a little angry stop and scream when it was time to come out. Ugh. This kid would be out on that field for the entire game if he could, but I guess it's all about the baby steps to team work!

I talked to his teacher yesterday because we wanted to check in on him before parent teacher conferences next month. Brian and I just want to make sure that he's doing well with his lessons and that he's doing well socially with the other kids (since he's never been in a group setting like that). She said that he's doing very well academically, and there is no difference between him socially and the other boys. Which is all his class is (there is one girl). She did say that teaching a class full of boys has it's own special challenges, like constant running in the classroom, but that Wyatt is doing very well! We were so happy to hear that!

We really can't say enough about his school. It is absolutely fantastic. He learns so much, and while we love the fact that he gets one on one attention with his "academics," we really love how much we've seen him come out of his shell socially in the last month. Little things, like acknowledging that the clerk at Target exists and talking to her, and participating in the question and answer part of soccer are things that he didn't really do before, but he is really getting involved now! I can't wait to see the progress that he's made at the end of the year!

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