Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Update

We had a pretty uneventful weekend. Brian and I spent Saturday morning doing chores around the house, and then we went out to dinner at Just George's while my mom watched the kids. We were also able to go run a few errands/ figure out a few baby things, so that was super helpful! My amazing friends at work actually threw a surprise shower for me last week and gifted us with a gift card that will really help out with some baby items! I am really excited to go spend it and get the necessities for little Gooey. Speaking of Gooey - he has a name (I think)! Brian and I had a list narrowed down to three choices and I think we finally settled on one. We are of course still caught in a middle name quandary because we're down to about three choices there as well. But we do have 24 days!

On Sunday we took the kids to the pumpkin patch. They were really excited to go, and even more excited to bring their wagon along! One of their very favorite things about Hunt Club is the fact that there are two dogs walking around all the time. Whenever they're in the midst of getting cranky about something, a dog walks by and they instantly cheer up!

They each got to pick out a little pumpkin for themselves and then picked out a "little, tiny baby pumpkin" for Gooey. There was a great debate over whether they wanted white or orange pumpkins (although there was no question in our minds that they would in fact, be bringing orange pumpkins home).

Reese wanted to bring this big gourd home! I couldn't even look at those things! After watching last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy with the Tree Man, he was all I could think about when I saw the warts all over those pumpkins. Eeeeeeeeeeew.

Where is Wyatt?!?! I can't see him in all the pumpkins!
A big ole pile o' pumpkins!
Reesie ran away and was running back. I still can't believe how blue this little girl's eyes are.
They don't do the best job posing for pictures together! I have this picture where they're both at least looking the same way, and then two others where they're looking at the camera individually.
We had a full load when we left - a big "Mommy and Daddy" pumpkin, a "Wyatt" pumpkin, a "Reesie" pumpkin, a "Gooey" pumpkin and two mums for the front porch. Wyatt couldn't fit in the wagon so he decided to pull Reese and the big pumpkin. And that lasted for about 30 seconds!

We spent the rest of the day Sunday at home - I mainly did laundry while Brian spent 5 hours in the yard! I will say that our grass is incredibly green right now though, so he's doing a great job. Over the next week I have a list that I think is a mile long of things I need to get done before the baby comes. At the top is packing my hospital bag (I know it's scheduled, but I'm still paranoid), and organizing the kids' closets. We also get to celebrate Brian's birthday on Wednesday, so this should be a fun week!

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