Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wyatt's Third Soccer Game - Finally!

Wyatt's games have been cancelled the last two Mondays, and even last Friday's game was a rain out. They were finally able to play last night and catch up on team pictures. But Brian still doesn't have a shirt a month after the season started. The Y isn't too organized on that front... They decided to make it a short game (pictures were right at 6 and then they had to fit in the game before the sun went down), so Wyatt only got to play once. He broke away from the pack and made his way down the field and right to the goal!

And he SCORED!
Brian didn't tell him to give up, but he did explain after he made the goal that the other two kids on his team were trying to score too, and they were all one team. And they both promptly went on to score a goal too.

We have another game on Monday night, so maybe he'll be all soccer'ed out by the end of the game. Or maybe not. We only have 4 games left this season, and then he'll have to wait for spring, when we'll probably end up putting him in a more structured league. Reese won't meet the age requirement until next fall, so it will just be him playing in the spring. I would love to find something for him to do to burn off some energy this winter, but with a newborn I don't think we'll be spending a ton of time outside!

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