Friday, October 22, 2010


We knew we had to get in one last trip to Busch Gardens this year before the season was over, and of course it's time for Hallowscream (again). During the day it's not scary at all, so we knew a day time trip was a must, and we also wanted to get there first thing to avoid the crowds. Busch Gardens has actually met capacity the last two Saturdays, which is crazy and something we definitely wanted to avoid. We left the house around 8:45 on Sunday and we were there at 10. Brian's parents went with us, and we all had a great time (that's probably the only reason I had a great time - I can't tell you how exhausting it is to walk around that place. If I had to keep up with the kids too - ugh).

Sesame Place is always the best place to start because it's not crowded first thing in the morning. The kids love this Elmo ride, especially the fact that it drops down!
Ready to ride!
Blue eyed girl!
I love this picture of the two of them! Wyatt was actually trying to run away from his sister and avoid the camera, but I just love the way she's leaning up against him!
Wyatt is Spiderman. He was slinging his webs at the spider.
Petting a puppy after the Pet Shenanigans show.
Enjoying the rats! Eeeew!
Sibling love! They were too cute on this horse.
Walking with Daddy to go get some lunch.
Reese cracked me up on the airplane. She LOVES going around on it, and everytime she passed us she would shout "Hey Mommy and Daddy and Baba and Mimi!"
Brian stopped for some kettle corn on the way out (we need snacks for the ride home), so I took the kids to look at the Griffen while we waited. The loved watching the people about to drop and then they followed the roller coaster around the track.
Some fun take aways from our trip:
  • While we were passing the eagle sanctuary, one of the workers was talking about how the eagles ended up there. We were literally just walking by. She mentioned that some of the eagles were shot by guns and they can no longer fly. Wyatt has been harping on this for days. I feel like every other question out of his mouth has been, "Mommy, why do bad men with guns shoot eagles and hurt them?" I have no good answers for this. He even told his teacher about the eagles at school this week!
  • They have a rock concert show at Oktoberfest right now, and it was going on while we were eating lunch. Reese was rocking out to the music, and I looked over at Brian and he was too. They basically played all of his favorite songs from the 80's.
  • They have Halloween decorations all over the place, and they have werewolves standing in random places - think Teen Wolf werewolves, not Twilight werewolves. Anyway, Wyatt asked Brian what happened to them, and Brian explained the whole werewolf concept to him. And tonight when I put him to bed he told me he was scared because the moon was full and the werewolves were coming. Daddy points awarded for that story: 0.

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