Monday, October 4, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

We have basically been stuck under a rain cloud for the last week! Since Wednesday (or maybe Tuesday) we have had one day of sunshine. We've been spending most of our time inside, but Brian did take the kids out to jump in puddles and take a look at the train tracks on Friday. They all fell down in mud as soon as I got home and needed a bath! I am basically physically unable to give them baths at this point, so it all fell on Daddy.

Saturday we did get some sunshine and nice weather to go the Virginia Children's Festival. We drove downtown and parked at the mall so we could use the restroom before we made the trek to the park (a pregnant lady and port-a-potties don't mix). While the kids and I were waiting for Brian we actually ran into my sister in law April who was in town for the weekend. Completely random, but it was actually the only time that we saw her all weekend. We are really excited because Marc and April found out on Friday that they are having a baby boy! It will be nice for Gooey to have a boy cousin who's just a few months younger than he is - even if they live in Charlotte. We'll have to start planning some more trips down there!

The Children's Festival was basically a bust! It was packed and there was little maneuverable room with the stroller and Wyatt really wanted to walk. I just couldn't let him. It was so crowded and crazy and there was no way he was just walking around! We did luck upon a little girls boutique set up that had a perfect piece for Reese's Halloween costume. We are going to have to find the pieces of her costume here and there, and I'm really excited to put it all together. Wyatt's costume will be a little easier (make that a lot easier), but they are going to be a pair. And that's all I'm saying!

Yesterday was rainy (again), so we didn't do much. We made it to Sam's Club for some grocery shopping, but that was about it. I am sooooooo over the rain! I'm glad that we finally got some (it didn't seem to rain all summer - which is good for Brian's business), but it's just so hard to take the kids out in.

Friday marked 5 weeks until Gooey is here - 35 days! It's crazy that he'll be here a month from tomorrow, but I can't wait. We are so excited to welcome our new baby boy into our family and have another little guy to hold and love!

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